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Are Your Feet Killing You? Reflexology & Foot Massage Can Relieve Many Symptoms

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Would you benefit from a detox?

No matter how well you eat and care for your body, you are exposed to toxins on a daily basis. They exist in our food, water, and environment. Toxins in your body can contribute to diseases and cause you to feel fatigue or stress. Undergoing an Herbal Detox Foot Bath treatment can help your body release toxins.

Take advantage of the opportunity to receive an Herbal Detox Foot Bath at Babi Foot Reflexology. Your body can receive assistance with detoxification when you experience this hi-tech water detoxification system. During your session at our comfortable building, toxic waste will be removed from your body through the soles of your feet.

Combine your Herbal Detox Foot Bath with a foot reflexology treatment at our peaceful location in Northvale Square. Our courteous staff will pamper you and ensure that you are comfortable during your visit. You may find that you feel lighter, have more energy, and are able to focus better after your non-invasive treatments. Contact us for an appointment.

•  Improved energy

•  Better sleep

•  Relief from joint pain

•  Decrease in migraines

•  Decrease in acne

Learn more about the Herbal Detox Foot Bath

Improve your body and mind at Babi Foot Reflexology

Get help removing harmful toxins from your body with an Herbal Detox Foot Bath at our convenient location.

•  May assist with weight loss

•  Reduces inflammation

•  Enhances absorption of nutrients

•  Removes toxins from the body

•  Can provide seasonal allergy relief

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Discover the benefits of a Herbal Detox Foot Bath

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